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Not much to say right now...I originally was here in hopes of making some Flash movies/videos, just haven't gotten the time. And I haven't been logging in all that much. LMAO Kind of would like to make more music though. Now, I'll be taking your hands...


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Should I move my current stuff? Hmm...

Posted by Speedynat3 - August 27th, 2014

Been pretty busy lately...
But I've always been asking myself recently, "should I move my work off of Newgrounds"?  Not saying I shouldn't try to make anything new, hell, if possible I'll even try to make stuff to share here.  Just wondering if I should move the submissions I've uploaded at this point?  Mainly my art submissions, since I've seen a few of them on these strange websites as "coloring pictures".  I don't know, I've already put this stuff and others on my DeviantArt account before I did here (and nice part is getting a warkmark on it so people know where it is from), though I haven't been on there is a while. :P

As for music, I really had no idea where to put those, that's the only reason why they are here.  Kinda debating whether to move those all together or not.  There are a few places, like Tumblr, but I don't know.  I guess only time will tell? Ehh, we'll see.

Just stating that I'm not dead...and I might remove my art, it has been de-scouted anyway.  I guess someone thought it was bad? LOL That's why I ask for critique nowadays.  But no, that isn't the reason why I think I should remove them.  Like I said, it is just to make it harder to steal...not being watermarked here but having that elsewhere.  Ha, I never even thought my drawings were worth labeling as "coloring pictures" to begin with. LMAO

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it's up to you really where to move, if you want. i would say not to, but then i'm biased in that sense.

concerning your art ~ decent sketches, but they are just that. not saying color them up, touch up, make it a complete piece of art. sketches are nice but are not art portal material, if you follow.

other than that, keep doing what you do. keep creating!

Oh, don't worry. I'll keep creating, that's for sure!
Just not sure if I will put drawings up here (whenever I do get them done). Part of that is also because I've seen some of the art I've put here be used on other sites and whatnot. At least on Deviantart, I can put up a watermark so sites can't copy it and say it is a "coloring picture" without my permission.

I'm thinking I should focus more stuff here on music at least. I just need a few things to be about to set up and make music on my laptop. But that's a different story.

But thank you for your input!

*color them up, touch up, make it a complete piece of art. works in progress (sketches) stay on your page.