Entry #3

Should I move my current stuff? Hmm...

2014-08-27 11:31:58 by Speedynat3

Been pretty busy lately...
But I've always been asking myself recently, "should I move my work off of Newgrounds"?  Not saying I shouldn't try to make anything new, hell, if possible I'll even try to make stuff to share here.  Just wondering if I should move the submissions I've uploaded at this point?  Mainly my art submissions, since I've seen a few of them on these strange websites as "coloring pictures".  I don't know, I've already put this stuff and others on my DeviantArt account before I did here (and nice part is getting a warkmark on it so people know where it is from), though I haven't been on there is a while. :P

As for music, I really had no idea where to put those, that's the only reason why they are here.  Kinda debating whether to move those all together or not.  There are a few places, like Tumblr, but I don't know.  I guess only time will tell? Ehh, we'll see.

Just stating that I'm not dead...and I might remove my art, it has been de-scouted anyway.  I guess someone thought it was bad? LOL That's why I ask for critique nowadays.  But no, that isn't the reason why I think I should remove them.  Like I said, it is just to make it harder to steal...not being watermarked here but having that elsewhere.  Ha, I never even thought my drawings were worth labeling as "coloring pictures" to begin with. LMAO


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2014-08-27 12:09:35

it's up to you really where to move, if you want. i would say not to, but then i'm biased in that sense.

concerning your art ~ decent sketches, but they are just that. not saying color them up, touch up, make it a complete piece of art. sketches are nice but are not art portal material, if you follow.

other than that, keep doing what you do. keep creating!

(Updated ) Speedynat3 responds:

Oh, don't worry. I'll keep creating, that's for sure!
Just not sure if I will put drawings up here (whenever I do get them done). Part of that is also because I've seen some of the art I've put here be used on other sites and whatnot. At least on Deviantart, I can put up a watermark so sites can't copy it and say it is a "coloring picture" without my permission.

I'm thinking I should focus more stuff here on music at least. I just need a few things to be about to set up and make music on my laptop. But that's a different story.

But thank you for your input!


2014-08-27 12:11:54

*color them up, touch up, make it a complete piece of art. works in progress (sketches) stay on your page.


2015-04-26 10:37:58


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