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I love the way you animated the expressions, especially when they were laughing at the end. Also, the "Nine tails IN YA FACE!" at 0:37 part, too.
Be honest this animated take on the scene is way funnier than the original GG video it came from, but that's beyond the point, I suppose.
All-in-all, you did a great job here! (wish I could animate like this, or really, wish I could animate, PERIOD...=P)

Dat animation.
Why do I feel like raising a Venusaur now?
LAWL Ash...Pikachu trainer-dude...XP The years haven't been kind to him I see. =P
Nice short, Egoraptor.

So adorable and beautifully animated, I might explode!
Seriously, this is very amazing work!

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Amusing game (hard at first, but fun).
Nice Music, too!

Ridiculously funny!

Nicely done!
The game and its prequel are very addicting!!
And Ridiculous!! Love it!

Great game

I kept on playing for a long time (trying to beat my score)!
The music is great!

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Very nice remix!
Also, I am so glad that I wasn't the only one that felt that Beginning transitioned into Vampire Killer so smoothly! Half the time I have one theme going through my head, it transitions into the other (and I've been thinking that a mix of the two needed to be done, also I'm surprised how few mixes of these two pieces I have found so far).
But yeah, Beginning needs a bit more love (even though I really love Vampire Killer). ;)

Anywho, I really like this mix and am glad to see someone try it. It would be cool to see both themes transition back and forth as well as merge a bit with one another more, but it works very well the way you did it here! Keep up the awesome work! :D

This is pretty good. It could use a little more "oomph".
Also, I feel like you might have played it a bit too "safe" with the musical composition.

Examples I guess I'd use is the Giratina Remixes from DoubleJoeSeven (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEqRQFwmins) or even ElectricMudkip (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANL-fDH7G4s).

As one who personally wants to try and make a Giratina Remix in the future (whenever I can and get enough of the resources to be able to do so), I think those examples could serve as some really good inspiration! There are a lot of interesting parts to Giratina's original battle theme, so I can understand why people may not mess with the musical composition in their remixes, but it doesn't hurt to try and be a bit bolder with it. That's what I feel, anyway.

Hope these thoughts are helpful to you. :)
As I said, this isn't bad work, it just could be much more than it is now.

Christ on a bus, I love this. I mean, I loved the original piece, of course, but this is a really good remix!
Gotta say, yeah, that guitar solo is pretty sick! A bit on the loud side (thought I heard a bit of feedback, but ehh, maybe I'm just hearing things, no pun intended), but listening to this multiple times, I think it stopped bugging me. I think the piano "solo" at the end was also really good, kinda wished I heard more of it. :)

I don't know how anyone could give this a "0"...unless they never liked Trap Factory to begin with or just was trolling, but yeah, you shouldn't worry too much about that (though I can understand the irritation with them not explaining why, critique can be very helpful).

But I digress.
This is pretty damn good!

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*insert PogChamp emotes here (I don't care that this isn't Twitch)*
Very neat concepts here. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ
(And we all know which one ended up sticking the most πŸ˜†)

Don't mind me, I'm just here screaming internally in "Saiyan Prince's Broken arms"...😫

Jesus, this looks so good! I can't really put it into any proper words...πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ This is just really good!
Now, if you'll excuse me, I will continue to scream in "Saiyan Prince's Broken arms" before getting back to work. I bid you adieu.

*laughs nervously* πŸ˜…
You just might regret me doing that...(I'm my own worse critic, so I'll crap on my "art" a lot)
But I DO plan to make some fanart of her at some point and of course, plus I'll even try to find a way to show it to you, but only if you feel like seeing whatever I end up crapping out.

Also, amazing work, as always.

Not much to say right now...I originally was here in hopes of making some Flash movies/videos, just haven't gotten the time. And I haven't been logging in all that much. LMAO Kind of would like to make more music though. Now, I'll be taking your hands...


Can't ART!

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